Stary night

This isn’t one of my usual pieces but as it’s craft related, I thought I’d show you all anyway.

As it’s Christmas time and I’ve been seeing lots of stars and little night lights, I figured why not create something beautiful that combines the two…

Stary night small

I created them after making my own template, adding tabs to it and then gluing 2 sides together. I then confirmed each of the folded lines to make the point stand out. After that I went to town with my scalpel cutting random shapes and lines to compliment the stars shape; this was to help the light shine through as some of the paper was a tad too thick.

Stary night long paper craft   stary night light pink side

After that, I cut a little whole in the back, threaded through every other light and secured the light in place with super glue.

I wasn’t too sure where to hang them but on top of this  small window works  really well, plus I can still easily open and close the curtains too as I’ve just hooked a loop round each pole end.

I know it’s not what I usually show on my blog but if you like this and want to see more of my other random crafts, then just leave me a comment or like this post. If you want me to show a more detailed step by step way to make just the star bit, also just give me a shout and I’ll create another post.

In the mean time, have a lovely Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2013! Take care all


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